Friday, March 8, 2019

Review Hub - Devil May Cry

Spawning from a scrapped concept for Resident Evil 4, the original Devil May Cry made a big splash when it debuted in 2001, leading to a number of anachronic prequels/sequels as well as an anime series, Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (the first game also got a comic book adaptation by the long-defunct Dreamwave Productions that no one likes to talk about). Following the release of Devil May Cry 4, the series would receive a new title developed by Ninja Theory and set in an alternate universe, entitled DmC Devil May Cry; the divisive nature of this game has since led to a Definitive Edition re-release that fixed all of its reported gameplay issues and then some, though it did manage to succeed in bringing the franchise back out of obscurity. The franchise has since revisited the original continuity with Devil May Cry 5 due to high demand and will appear to stay within this universe for the foreseeable future.

Below is a list of links to every Devil May Cry review on this blog, presented in approximate order of release and separated by continuity. (Second Opinions and re-releases are presented next to the main review in parentheses.)

Update (3/23/2019): Added Devil May Cry 5

Original Devil May Cry Continuity


DmC Devil May Cry Continuity

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