Monday, August 8, 2016

Review Hub - DC Extended Universe

In 2011, DC Comics and Warner Bros. attempted to start their own Cinematic Universe to compete with Marvel, using Green Lantern as a springboard. Reception was less than impressive, and so this movie can be considered more of a false start. In 2013, Man of Steel was released, which was intended to launch a trilogy of Dark Knight Trilogy-esque Superman films. However, following the movie's success, it was instead decided that Man of Steel would be used as a starting point for what was later coined the DC Extended Universe, nixing the two Superman sequels in favor of a crossover with Batman. Though Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were released 3 years apart, things seem to have finally picked up steam after the release of the latter.

Below is a link to every review for each movie set within the DC Extended Universe including its false start, listed in order of release (links to Second Opinions are listed next to the main review in parentheses). For the sake of brevity, the logos for each movie are displayed in lieu of posters to allow for future expansion. As we continue to follow this universe, review links will be added over time once we (re)view any future films.

Update (6/2/2017): Added Wonder Woman
Update (12/12/2017): Added Justice League

False Start

DC Extended Universe (Currently Ongoing)


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