Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Celebration of 700 Reviews

As has been stated previously, the focus of this blog has largely shifted over time to reviewing movies, both in the way of exploring what came before and trying to stay current, as well as pretty much dropping comic book reviews entirely. Though this batch of 100 reviews is a bit film-heavy, video games have begun gaining more of a presence again. As we continue into the next 100 reviews, we continue our efforts to look at movies, and occasionally video games, in an unbiased fashion.

Below is a list of links to every review from 601-700, broken up every 25 links for easy navigation. Each review will also be color-coded as such: Movie, Video Game.

603. Laura
604. Pitfall
615. Ant-Man

632. Mad Love
637. Spectre
640. One Week
642. Star Wars
648. Roadblock
649. Dave

654. Head
657. Duck Soup
660. Zootopia
671. Rush Hour

677. Keanu
684. Warcraft
694. Big Night

Movies: 96 (442 Total)
Video Games: 4 (213 Total)
Comic Books: 0 (27 Total)
DLC: 0 (18 Total)

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