Monday, January 14, 2013

God of War Collection

In anticipation for the release of God of War III in 2010, Sony released an HD remaster in 2009 of the first two God of War games in a special set known simply as God of War Collection. One thing that should be noted is that this particular set was the first HD Collection ever released, its success spawning a trend leading to further HD remasters, some of which we have discussed (and will get to later) on this blog. The intention of this particular HD Collection was to not only build up hype for God of War III, but also to allow newcomers to get some experience with the franchise. Having already played the original games on PS2 games, I was naturally excited about this, although I didn't actually get to playing it until now. That said, one has to wonder: Is this a worthy investment?

The answer is yes. There aren't any gameplay changes to speak of, save for Trophy support for the hardcore crowd, but there are some graphical improvements to be found. The in-game graphics look cleaner than they did in the two games' original PS2 versions and seem to run more smoothly. The cinematic cutscenes look as amazing as ever, perhaps even better than they originally did, though the cutscenes that use in-game graphics in God of War II look a tad dated, even with the HD shine.

While there isn't that much to say about it, God of War Collection is a must-have for PS3 owners. If you own a PS3 but have not played the original God of War games and are of age, pick this game up now. If you have already played these games before, this is a great way to re-live the God of War experience in the current generation of consoles. The two games included on this disk are great games in their own right and for that, whether you are a God of War veteran or a newcomer, owning this Collection is a no-brainer.

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