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At the time of its release, animation wasn't seen as commercially viable for a feature-length production, since it was believed audiences couldn't handle more than the 5+-minute shorts seen before a movie. When originally released in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs proved to be a hit, which ultimately led to Walt Disney Pictures producing more feature animated films based on a fairy tales (and other such stories) and ultimately become a cultural powerhouse. The success of Disney films led to other studios entering feature-length animation to mixed results, though some remain active and other non-Disney movies have garnered legacies of their own.

Though the field has since shifted to computer animation, Disney remains at the forefront of the medium and many of their traditionally-animated movies hold up to this day. Disney has also since begun producing live-action remakes of their animated features to mixed results. Though whether the quality of Snow White's storytelling has held up is debatable, it retains its historical value in the realm of animation and should arguably be celebrated as such.

Below is a list of every Disney animated film (and live-action remake) review on this blog. Due to the vast number of movies in the canon, each movie is numbered accordingly, broken up by era.

Update (9/4/2018): Added Dumbo
Update (9/15/2018): Added The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Update (9/29/2018): Added Aladdin
Update (11/22/2018): Added Ralph Breaks the Internet
Update (6/15/2019): Added Tangled Second Look
Update (6/19/2019): Added Meet the Robinsons

Disney Golden Age

4. Dumbo
14. Peter Pan

Disney Renaissance

28. The Little Mermaid
30. Beauty and the Beast (1991)
31. Aladdin
32. The Lion King


47. Meet the Robinsons

Disney Revival

50. Tangled (Second Look)
52. Wreck-It Ralph
53. Frozen
54. Big Hero 6
55. Zootopia
56. Moana
57. Ralph Breaks the Internet

Live-Action Remakes

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